Our training offerings are designed to help improve your workplace cultures, cohesiveness, relationships, productivity, and develop leaders

Build a More Productive Workforce

Want your workplace to work better together?

Combining facilitated classroom training with online pre-work and follow-up tools, this learning experience helps participants understand and appreciate the different priorities, preferences, and values each individual brings to the workplace, and how they can learn to adapt to the style of others.

Participant Take-Aways

Discover your own DiSC® style: recognize the priorities, motivators, and stress triggers that shape their workplace experience.

Explore other styles: understand the differences and similarities among the DiSC styles.

Identify strategies to make more meaningful connections with colleagues of various styles and work more effectively to reduce tension, solve problems, and contribute positively to their organizations.


Eliminate Drama from the Workplace

Disappointments and disagreements are a daily part of every workplace. So, what makes the difference between teams that handle frustrations constructively and those that spiral into blame and mistrust? Based on the book, “How to Reduce Workplace Conflict and Stress,” and from Thera Rising International, this is a seminar your organization can’t afford to miss. Drama-Free Workplace empowers individuals from front-line employees to leaders to top executives to build the workplace environment they desire – and deserve. Learn the part you and your colleagues can play in building a resilient culture of integrity and pride in work. Learn why negative assumptions pick up momentum and spread, how to short-circuit destructive disagreement, and eliminate unconscious behaviors that spark power struggles and mistrust. Executives and front-line employees testify that this seminar transformed the way they respond to disagreement – in their professional and personal lives. Thera Rising’s strategies have been featured in dozens of publications including The New York Times, HR Magazine, Harvard Management Update, Oprah Magazine, and MSNBC.


Develop a Cohesive and Effective Team

Based on the work of Patrick Lencioni’s international best-seller The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this workshop helps intact teams apply The Five Behaviors® model of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results to drive team effectiveness and productivity.  Using these results, participants will be able to create a better, stronger team.

This program works best for an intact team of a relatively small number of people (from three to twelve) who meet on a regular basis and are collectively responsible for results.

“Lencioni’s approach allowed our team to truly understand our strengths, and to develop a plan to address the areas where we can be more effective as a team. The process is more than just an assessment tool, it’s a rare opportunity for teams to reflect and grow.” – Carlo F., Vice President, HR


Become a Better Teammate – Self Development

This offering was created to harness the power of The Five Behaviors™ across the entire organization. The Five Behaviors™ Personal Development solution teaches individuals to become better teammates by integrating Patrick Lencioni’s model at the organizational level. The goal is to completely redefine teamwork and collaboration. Personal Development was designed specifically to work for individuals; participants do not all need to be part of the same team. Rather, participants can carry the takeaways of this program from one team to the next, enabling a culture of teamwork. Learners at all levels of an organization can benefit from this program and adopt its powerful principles, shape behaviors, and create a common language that empowers people to rewrite what it means to work together.


Embrace Productive Conflict

This workshop helps participants improve self-awareness around conflict behaviors. Rather than focus on a step-by-step process for conflict resolution, this program utilizes the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict tool to provide participants with techniques to curb destructive behaviors and effectively respond to conflict situations. The program features an exploration of DiSC® in a conflict context, provides an opportunity for participants to explore their destructive conflict responses, and offers them a method for making more productive choices in their response to conflict.

Participant Take-Aways

Appreciate how their style of handling conflict affects the people around them.

Learn how to “catch” themselves when going down a destructive conflict path.

Learn how to reframe a conflict situation and choose more productive behaviors.

Build a common language in the organization around appropriate conflict behavior.


Develop your Emotional Intelligence

Develop the emotional intelligence necessary to support your workplace culture.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace utilizes Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ to teach participants to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly.  Participants discover an agile approach to workplace interactions and learn to navigate outside their comfort zone, empowering them to meet the demands of any situation.

Participant Take-Aways

Discover the instinctive mindsets that shape your responses and interactions.

Recognize opportunities to stretch beyond what comes naturally to you.

Take action to become more agile in your approach to social and emotional situations.


Enhance your Management Style

Enhance your Management Style is proven to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a management role–whether managing direct reports or the relationship with their own manager.  This program is also a great session for someone on a path to becoming a manager.  This workshop combines classroom training and online pre-work with focused learning in five key areas:

  1. Understanding DiSC® styles
  2. Directing and delegating
  3. Creating a motivating environment
  4. Developing others with different styles
  5. Identifying strategies for working more effectively with managers.

Participants learn how their management style influences how they manage time, make decisions, approach problems, and what they need to do to adapt to the styles of others to bring out the best in each and every employee that reports to them.


Understanding Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation for Leaders

This training has received excellent feedback as its jam packed with real case studies that gives people managers a solid understanding of what exactly discrimination, harassment, and retaliation is and how to prevent it in their workplaces. Session includes multiple examples of lessons learned from past cases to help leaders understand how they can avoid similar mistakes. This session will prompt your managers to pay closer attention to the environments in their workplaces and provide them with the knowledge necessary for how to address a situation should it arise.


Become a Better Leader

This program is for one-on-one coaching or for a small group of aspiring leaders to learn how they are perceived on the eight approaches to effective leadership and develop a plan for how to increase their effectiveness in a leadership role.

Participant Take-Aways

Recognize the tendencies that shape their approach to leadership, based on their DiSC® style.

Understand how others see them as a leader and how their own self-ratings compare.

Identify which of the Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership—and the three behavioral Practices underlying each approach—are their strengths and which ones would benefit from further development.

Learn three personalized strategies for becoming a more effective leader based on specific rater feedback.


New Leader Assimilation

When a new manager steps in, it’s a big change for all parties. To help assimilate a new manager into a work group and accelerate the getting-to-know each other process, South Creek HR can facilitate a new leader assimilation session. Running a session such as this can set the new leader up for success and lay the foundation to build a high performing team.


Customized Leadership Development Program

Got current or aspiring leaders you’d like to run through a variety of the topics above?  Contact us to inquire about customizing a development program that will fit the unique needs of your business.  A variety of arrangements exist from one-on-one coaching of current or aspiring leaders to classroom style programs and workshops.


HR & Development Professionals:

The Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors™ solutions we use and love in our above programs are available to you! Contact us to order these amazing tools, facilitation kits, and/or to register for a respective certification course.