HR Services

You know that your company’s HR tasks are important, but each day you find you’ve run out of time to deal with them.
Your business has outgrown its current HR capabilities.
You and your staff have many strengths, but managing your company’s HR isn’t one of them.
You are responsible for HR for your company but sometimes feel over your head and could benefit from having a trusted HR expert you could turn to.

Do any of these statements describe your current situation?
South Creek HR is here to help!

We provide creative solutions for your HR challenges, with flexible service arrangements to fit your needs and budget. Our strategies and guidance inspire growth, ensure compliance, and build better workplaces.

Benefits of Our Services


Get the confidence you crave that the issues you’re facing are being handled in compliance with all the various regulations and are in alignment with the kind of company you want to be.

Customized Solutions

We know that no two businesses are the same, and we will work with you to find custom solutions that work for you.

Cost Savings

While it’s true that outsourcing your HR costs money, you will come out ahead by saving time and money by partnering with South Creek HR.

Examples of What South Creek HR Can Do For Your Business

Advice & Counsel

Audits of Existing HR Processes

Leadership Development & Training

Policy & Procedure Development

Employee Relations & Investigations

Performance Management

HRIS Implementation

HR Dept Set-up

Hiring Facilitation

Service Arrangements We Offer

Our specialty is working with small businesses and we understand the unique challenges that small businesses face. Whether you have a project, a question, or need ongoing support, South Creek HR can find a solution. We have several different options for our services; we can help you figure out what the best one is for your business.

Your Dedicated HR Manager (Monthly)

  • Ongoing HR Services & Support
  • Your outsourced HR Department
  • Retain accessibility for your managers to reach professional HR guidance

On Demand HR (By the Hour)

  • HR support as needed by the hour
  • Access to advise & counsel as issues arise

Project Based (By the Project)

  • HR consulting by a specific project or goal
  • Have a unique HR challenge, let us tackle and resolve it.
No Idea Where to Start? Contact us for a free consultation or inquire about an HR Assessment. 507.246.2950