Advice and Counsel.  Questions regarding how to handle a performance or attendance issue, a request for leave, a harassment allegation, what is and isn’t compensableor just plain unsure what you can and can’t do in various situations?  Call South Creek HR to consult with an HR expert who can give you the guidance you need to manage the tricky situations leaders encounter.

HR Assessment.  Not sure where to start?  Ask for an HR Assessment.  This is a great way to identify your current needs, discover any compliance risks and prioritize next steps.

Policies and Procedures. Development of policies and procedures that you need in order to reach your organization’s future goals – everything from time-off, social media, use of personal devices at work, anti-harassment, holiday pay and everything in-between.

Employee Relations Investigations and guidance on challenging employee situations, conflict resolution, and building better relationships between you and your employees.

Wage & Hour.  Businesses must have employees in the appropriate employment classification (exempt vs non-exempt) and understand the wage and hour rules of the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Pay rules differ depending on classification and determining the correct classification goes beyond someone’s job title.

Hiring Processes.   A strong hiring system is imperative to a growing business.  Turnover costs are high following a bad hire and there are several state and federal mandates at play.

Job Descriptions.  Do your job descriptions clearly state the essential and secondary job functions for each position within your company?  We can either develop or review job descriptions you need for selection, accommodation discussions, disciplinary action and employee development.

Employee Handbook. A complete and customized employee handbook is imperative to a growing business.  It is your first line of defense in employment related litigation, lets employees know what to expect and is the tool leaders need in order to treat employees fairly.

I-9 Compliance.  The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (ICE) requires that you have a complete, accurate and original I-9 form for each individual you hire for employment in the United States.  South Creek HR LLC can proactively conduct an audit of your I-9 compliance, identify and mitigate issues, and develop a simple process for future I-9 compliance.

Customized Documents.  Offer letters, memos, disciplinary action, performance correction, etc. Contact South Creek HR LLC to help communicate with employees the right way the first time.