Disappointments and disagreements are a daily part of every workplace. So what makes the difference between teams that handle frustrations constructively and those that spiral into blame and mistrust?

Based on the book, “How  to Reduce Workplace Conflict and Stress,” and from Thera Rising International, this is a seminar your organization can’t afford to miss.

Conflict Savvy! empowers individuals from front-line employees to leaders to top executives to build the workplace environment they desire – and deserve.  Learn the part you and your colleagues can play in building a resilient culture of integrity and pride in work.  Learn why negative assumptions pick up momentum and spread, how to short-circuit destructive disagreement, and eliminate unconscious behaviors that spark power struggles and mistrust.Book Image 3

In a recent Gallup poll, nearly 70% of employees reported that they are disengaged from work or actively undermining the efforts of others. At a cost, Gallup estimates, of 34¢ on the dollar. Fortunately, organizations can reverse these discouraging trends. Thera Rising consistently generates return on investment between 600% and 900%.

Executives and front-line employees testify that this seminar transformed the way they respond to disagreement – in their professional and personal lives. Thera Rising’s strategies have been featured in dozens of publications including The New York TimesHR MagazineHarvard Management UpdateOprah Magazine, and MSNBC.

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